LYRBB1020 Ruling- Two lines Wrapping Notebook Line
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LYRBB1020 Ruling- Two lines Wrapping Notebook Line

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Back wrapping machine
Product description

LYRBB1020 Ruling- Two lines Wrapping Notebook Line is a newest developed machine by Lanbao Company. Based on the advantage technology the machine can do the whole processing include printing, cutting, counting and collecting. The degree of automation is on leading domestic level and reaches advanced world standards.

The line insisted by Reel-release, Web guide, Printing, Micro perforation, Strips separation, Rotary cut, Counting, Cross transport, Feed up/bottom title pages, Covering, go to two wrapping lines by turns, Gluing, Drying, Tape wrapping, Tape cut, Turning transport, Stacking, Book locating, Trimming, Book cutting and collecting. Based on the two wrapping lines the machine is very quick equipment in domestic market with the max speed of 50 strips/min.

Special points: could choose Automatic Splicer, Ceramic anilox roller as options. Doctor blade system, whole casting structure in printing unit ensures quicker speed and higher printing quality, Cutting size can be changed by gear easily.

To replace the adhesive binding book the machine use environment-friendly cold glue technology so the notebook have smooth spreading shape and will not loose sheet. To make the A5, B5, A4 size products, the LYRBB-1020 Notebook Line is an ideal and practical machine that can bring high production efficiency and respectable economic benefits to the user since it has high performance-price ratio.

参数Specification/型号Model                                 LYRBB-1020

最快生产速度Max Speed strips(m/min)                          50

最大卷纸直径Max Reel-release(m/min)                          1270

印刷Printing                                                2+2(双面双色)

印刷周长Printing-cutting length(5mm)                           600-780

最大印刷宽度Max Printing width(mm)                           1020

最高印刷速度Max Printing Speed(m/min)                         300

分切规格Cutting size(mm)                                       600-780

数页Counting(sheet/tier)                                      10-120

最大包背尺寸Max wrapping(mm)                               780×260

最大横切尺寸Max Front trim size(mm)                           1020×260

纵切最大宽度Max Book separation width(mm)                     255

总功率Power(kw)                                                         65

    机器总重量Weight(kg)                                                                            40000

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