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Professional printing, packaging machinery manufacturers

Zhejiang Lanbao Machinery Co., Ltd. is a technical enterprise specializing in the production of printing and packaging machinery. It is located at 888 Lanhua Road, Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province. The factory area covers more than 100 mu of ground, with a building area of nearly 40000 square meters. The factory area has a beautiful environment and is a garden-like factory.

The company has excellent production equipment and complete testing methods. It has advanced equipment such as metal cutting, sheet metal processing, surface spraying, and testing. These high, precise and sharp equipment can meet the processing needs of complex parts.


Mechanical equipment design and manufacture

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The company mainly produces: bag back machine, suture machine, wire order online, Flexo printing machine, semi-automatic machine, bill machine, coated plate printing machine, Copy paper machines, packaging machines, three-sided book cutters and other equipment.

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Quality Assurance

From raw materials and accessories, equipment, technology to testing strictly control

Selection of high quality raw materials

Choose high-quality accessories and raw materials for longer service life

Advanced production equipment

Introduced sophisticated mechanical processing equipment and advanced testing equipment

Strict testing of multiple processes

Multi-channel process testing, strict quality control, to provide you with reliable products

Perfect after-sales service

With technology as the support, based on technology, implement the quality consciousness of the whole staff


Pay attention to us to understand the new trends in the industry

LDT-1020 Semi-automatic Wire Stapling Production Line of Zhejiang Lanbao Machinery Co.


This machine is suitable for deep processing of exercise books which have been matched with covers, folding, pressing back (square back), cross-cutting, and splitting to realize duplex to quintuplex books to form final products. This machine has a one-time cutting thickness of up to 12mm mechanical steel, to realize the production of high-speed, high-quality square back products. The machine can effectively compress the theoretical operation process and realize intensive management.

Cylinder paper flexo horizontal feed wire stapling machine (LYRDT-T-1000)


LYRDT-T-1000 is developed independently on the basis of the successful development of web flexo printing wire stapling machine, absorbing the advanced technology of related products at home and abroad. The production line through the zero-speed paper frame to the web unwinding and leveling, 2 + 2 flexible printing, rotary punching (optional), transverse split line (optional), slitting into single sheets, several pages layered, automatic sealing, transverse feeding, wire binding, folding, cross-cutting, longitudinal cutting of the book or into the double collection department (optional), the output of finished books.

Zhejiang Lanbao Machinery Co., Ltd. sewing booklet full-automatic production line


Sewn booklet automatic production line is another new equipment developed by Sapphire, especially the sewing unit is a technological innovation shared by the company and its American partners.