LYRBB780 Ruling-Wrapping Notebook Line
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LYRBB780 Ruling-Wrapping Notebook Line

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LYRBB780 Ruling-Wrapping Notebook Line
LYRBB780 Ruling-Wrapping Notebook Line is a newest developed machine by Lanbao Company. Based on the advantage technology the machine can do the whole processing include printing, cutting, counting and collecting. The degree of automation is on leading domestic level and reaches advanced world standards. 
The line insisted by Reel-release, Printing, Micro perforation, Strips separation, Rotary cut, Counting, Covering, Gluing, Drying, Tape wrapping, Marking, Book separation, Trimming and collecting.   
The electric system are using USA AB CompactLogix and MicroLogix controller, PowerFlex series transducer, PanelView Plus interface. 
Special points: BTS Web guide system, Automatic Splicer which can load 1000KG roll, Whole casting structure for printing unit, Cutting size can be changed by gear easily. 
Option for ink transfer: Ceramic Anilox roller and Close-type doctor blade system or Metal Anilox roller.
To replace the adhesive binding book the machine use environment-friendly cold glue technology so the notebook have smooth spreading shape and will not loose sheet. In addition to the A5, B5, A4 size products, the machine also can do the domestic’ big size product of 32K. The LYRBB-780 Notebook Line is an ideal and practical machine that can bring high production efficiency and respectable economic benefits to the user since it has high performance-price ratio.
LYRBB-780 Ruling-Wrapping Notebook Line
Max Speed: 50 strips/min
Reel-release:Max roll diameter   1270mm
Reel width:450~1100mm
2. Printing: 2+2 (2 sides double colors)
printing-cutting length:600~780mm (change rate 5mm)
Max printing width:1020mm
Max printing speed:300m/min
Cutting: size   600~780mm
Counting:10~50 sheet/tier (20pages –100pages)
Covering:  Cover paper   150g/m2~450 g/m2    (German Mabeg Feeder)
Max length:780mm 
Max width:260mm
Wrapping: Max length    780mm
Max width:260mm
Front trim: Max length    1000mm
Max width:260mm
Book separation: Max length   255mm
Weight: 35000kg
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