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LYRDT-1020S Web Flexo Staple Cutting Triple-use Machine

The machine can do folded flat back cutting of stitching books out of the finished product. It can also be linked to produce wire-stapled books.

Printing machinery is a general term for printing machines, binding machines, plate-making machines and other auxiliary machinery and equipment. These mechanical devices have different properties and uses, so the mechanical forms that make up them are not exactly the same.

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  • LYRDT-1020S Web Flexo Staple Cutting Triple-use Machine

    LYRDT-1020S Web Flexo Printing Wire Staple Cutting and Cutting Triple-use Machine is developed by Lanbao Machinery on the basis of the successful development of Web Flexo Printing Wire Staple Coupling Machine, absorbing the advanced technology of related products at home and abroad. The production line of the machine through the unwinding department of the web unwinding and leveling, 2 + 2 flexo printing, slitting into sheets, several pages layered, double Fidelity automatic sealing, wire binding, (or into the high collection), transverse feeding, folding, rolling back, flat back, cross-cutting and trimming, longitudinal cutting and splitting of the book, and finally the output of the finished booklet. The machine can realize flexo printing and cutting through independent electrical control system control separate operation, because equipped with double Fidelity flexo printing department can realize with title page, cover, high stack collection. It is possible to produce flexo pages for stitched books. Cutting department can run separately, you can do sewing book folding flat back cutting, out of the finished product. It can also be linked to produce wire-stapled books. These functions can be used in flexible combinations, and can also produce certain special requirements. This machine is a production line that integrates multi-functions into one.




    Reel width(mm)


    Pingting Speed(m/min)


    Max book making speed(times/min)


    Printing length(mm)


    Cutting length(mm)


    Counting and collecting(sheets)


    Book size(mm)


    Total Power(kw)


    Net Weight(kg)


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