The machine can do folded flat back cutting of stitching books out of the finished product. It can also be linked to produce wire-stapled books.

From folding, back pressing, cross cutting and separating process the macine can make the inner sheets with cover into final books. It has superstrength mechcnical rigidity which can cut max 12mm book height. With this machine the manufacturer can shorten the process flow, increase the output and have high quality products . 

This machine can handling bound books and folded books. After back pressing, square back planning, frontal cut and book divide cutting, the finished products could be 2 to 5 up books.

LYPJ - 930 web flexo printing paper production line is sapphire machinery independent development of new products, to complete the final cutting and counting from printing to collect the whole process of the production process, the degree of automation is in the leading domestic and international advanced level. Machine rolling paper (3), through correction (group 3), printing (3 + 3), trimming, crack line, roller drum number printing, cutting, pages, pages, transverse conveying, interval type nailing, trim, cut, folded after automatic sealing, the cover of the cover and inner core, glue, drying, bag back, cut and corner conveyor, cascading accumulation, points the orientation, horizontal trimming, portion, counting collection, the final output paper products, is the non-carbon autotype industry production notes the ideal machine.